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Bunker Oil Spray Degreaser

(Available in three sizes )

Bunker Oil Degreaser is a "ready to apply" spray and/or brush on type product designed to adhere to surfaces, to allow the sustained action of oil removal agents without the evaporative and runoff losses often associated with conventional degreasers.

Safety in Use - This product has a near neutral pH of 8.0. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN CAUSTICS, PHOSPHATES, SILICATES, or other aggressive chemicals often found in other heavy duty industrial degreasing products. The product is therefore less hazardous to use than many other degreasing products currently on the market.

Lower Vapor Pressure - This product, because it is a microemulsion concentrate, exhibits a lower vapor pressure than many solvent degreasers. This means slower evaporation, and longer sustained chemical attach on built up, semi-evaporated oil residues found on hot tubing. Others tend to "Flash Off" hot pipes before degreasing action can occur. Lower vapor pressure also translates to lower concentrations of volatile organics in workplace air and the environment, therefore reducing workplace inhalation hazards.

A "Sprayable" viscous formula - allows the ease of spray application with the sustained chemical activity a thickened product can deliver to stubborn oil soils. This feature provides better economy of use by preventing the unnecessary loss of cleaner from pipes due to runoff. Evaporative losses are also further reduced when a viscous product is utilized for cleaning.

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All In One Offset Printing Solution

(Available in three sizes shown)

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This is a concentrated, biodegradable product. Its unique concentrated formula with deep-cleaning action allows you to use far less liquid than competitive products. When applying a small undiluted amount to blankets and rollers, All In One will thoroughly remove inks and glaze, resulting in reduced cost per cleanup.

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One-Step Graphic Ink Remover

(Available in three sizes shown)

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Cleans screens, squeegees, flood bars, and related equipment parts of screen printing presses by using a revolutionary citrus-based technology. One-step is a low odor liquid cleaner with a unique, fast-acting formula with deep-cleaning action, allowing you to use less than conventional cleaners. Designed to remove epoxy, lacquer, UV, enamel, plastisol, vinyls, poster, plastic, legend, thermal and acrylic inks. There are two formulas to suit your needs. A water rinseable product or the other which works without the need for water!

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Adhesive Remover
FORMULA ONE - Designed for the removal of uncured and semi-cured thermoplastic and thermoset adhesives including urethane, epoxy and silicone. This remover may be used directly on the adhesive manufacturing equipment to remove build-up during usage. While also removing most cured thermoplastic adhesives such as Ethylene and styrene based systems.

This Adhesive Remover is widely used in the industrial market in areas such as the removal of the adhesive backing left on the surface of granite in the process of making headstones, aerospace, airline manufacturing, plumbing installation, refrigeration, electrical installation, and the marine building industry. It also works well in the removal of excess urethane when installing windows during the construction of buildings and homes.

FORMULA TWO - This formulation applies its removing abilities to a broad range of adhesives used in a diversified selection of industries. As an example, this formula is excellent for the removal of glues used in the shoe industry and during the manufacturing of mobile homes when adhering the plastics. Exceptional performance will be found for the removal of excess glue remaining when used to seal seams together in school bus assembly. While also demonstrating outstanding results in removing adhesives used with automatic box sealer machines.

In addition, a recent development in the use of Formula Two at three SONY Disc Manufacturing plants proved successful. In the production printing process of compact discs, a metal frame is used for each screened color of graphics. These screens are replaced very often in order to keep premium quality on the finished product. When removing this screen an epoxy glue is left behind on the metal frame. This glue must be removed quickly and efficiently so to continue production without too much down time. Vin-Dotco's adhesive remover performs! Cleaning the surface rapidly, leaving no residue.

While described as a super aggressive remover, it's still safe enough for a variety of uses at home such as: an auto cleaner to easily remove insect remains, tree sap and road tar from the vehicle's tires, chrome, windshield and the painted plastic and metal surfaces with no finish degradation. It also works great in removing stickers, as well as sticky substances found from gum, candies, etc.

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